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Arthritis is any of the more than 100 inflammatory joint disorders characterized by pain, swelling and limited movement. Arthritis may be caused by inflammation or infection in a joint, by degeneration of a joint as a person becomes older, or by a disorder of which arthritis is a symptom. Treatment …

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New Gene-Based Blood Tests Can Detect Skin Cancers

Researchers have found that two new gene-based blood tests can reliably detect previously unidentifiable forms of one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer. Having quick and accurate monitoring tools for all types of metastatic melanoma, the medical term for the disease, may make it easier for physicians to …

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Common cold a danger after bone marrow transplant

Normally the common cold is not a serious health threat, but it can be worrisome for people with weakened immune systems. Weakened immune systems The study was published recently in the journal Haematologica. After a bone marrow transplant, patients have weakened immune systems. This puts them at risk for infections …

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Migraine Its shadow: Stroke or heart attack If you regularly suffer from migraine pain (especially if you develop auras, which are visual or sensory phenomena that accompany the headache), your doctor has probably warned you about your susceptibility to heart attack or stroke. Now, thanks to recent findings, experts better …

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