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Rajya Sabha The Back Door In Indian Politics: Neeraj Gaur

New Delhi: 31-10-2017 ( Editorial by Neeraj Gaur)

Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha the houses of Indian parliament. In Lok-Sabha the members are elected by the voters of the country and in the Rajya Sabha the members are nominated, Most of the members of the House are indirectly elected by state and territorial legislatures using single transferable votes, while the President can appoint 12 members for their contributions to art, literature, science, and social services. Members sit for staggered six-year terms, with one third of the members retiring every two years,the Rajya Sabha is also called house of elders, it is upper house of the parliament of India. The thought, intention, desire to constitute the upper house (Rajya Sabha) was that to nominate the people who are elders, experienced, sensible, sagacious that can’t be able to go through the tough election process. The first chairman of Rajya Sabha was Dr. S. Radha Krishnan. For last some years it has came to see that Rajya Sabha became the back door entry in Indian Politics or to distribute it to any one whether that person have capable for legislate, arguments or  not but, that to be honored. Two latest examples are Sachin Tendulkar and bollywood star Rekha they are nominated by Congress Government and they both are the members of Rajya Sabha from last five years. Now according to the rajya sabha data we go through their tenure in rajya sabha, Rekha Attend only 18 meetings / sessions out of 348 and raised no question, no debate, and the expenses on her is 65 lakhs salary + Allowance, if we calculate 18 days then it became 3,60,000/- per day. Further on Sachin Tendulkar, he attend 23 meetings out of 348, his salary is 58,60,000/- plus allowances , now if we calculate him then it became 2,54,000/- per day and he raised 23 questions in his last five years. They both are became burden on poor Indian citizens, what do they need of this money, when they are not capable to legislate, debate or raising of public issues in the house, these are not the first example Bollywood actress Nargis, Ramayan serial stars Deepika (Sita Mata) Arvind Trivedi ( Ravan), Rupa Ganguli (Dropti) of Mahabharat, Nitesh Bhardwaj (Krishan) of Mahabharat serial, Bollywood star Govinda, Jaya Bhachan, Jaya Lalita, Jaspinder Narula, Sabana Azmi, Rajesh Kahnna, Shekhar Suman, Chiranjeev, Shatrughan Sinha, etc etc. Its became a exclusive club of politicians from back door in main stream politics. Please you all are left it because ” Aap se na ho payega” you are only the burden of Indian poor public.

A report by

Neeraj Gaur

Chief Editor the alert India.

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  1. V nice lines on poltical evil in India, Adv. Sb this is current /old situation of louser poltics

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