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Supreme Court Rebuked Haryana Government On Mining Issue: The Alert India

Edited by: Alert India  Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: April 30, 2018 22:10[IST ]

“You cannot go on making fool of the citizens like this. You are the state and it is your responsibility to ensure that what was advertised should be given,” the bench said.

New Delhi: This was how the Supreme Court Rebuked the Government on mining issue for auctioning 558.53 hectares of land, though the available area was only 141.76 hectares.

The Supreme Court annoyed on the statement of the counsel of Haryana State that ” It was the duty of the company to ascertain whether the land was actually 558.53 hectares” on this the bench said ” It is very easy to blame the citizens for every thing just because you are in power”

what was the issue:- Haryana Government issued a public notice for auctioning a land for mining  measuring 558.53 hectares, after auction when the company calculate the land then it was only 141.76 hectares in factual position.

In June 2016 the firm filed a case in Punjab and Haryana high court regarding the refund of the auctioned amount as the land was not according to the advertisement  but the Punjab and Haryana High Court dismissed the plea of the firm.

The company had approached to the Apex Court and challenged the order of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Observing that the petitioner firm was entitled to a refund of the deposited amount, the Supreme Court directed the Haryana Government to refund the money to the firm along with a 9 percent interest per annum from the date of deposit till the date of payment. Keeping in view the vast discrepancy of area mention in the advertisement and area of land made available.

The Apex Court also noted in his order that the firm had refused to take possession of the area sought to be auctioned by the state in Karnal District.

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